Custom icons in Duo app?

I’m using the Duo app not just for the multiple duo-protected applications and sites I sign into, but also for storing all of TOTP-based 2FA logins—I’ve got 27 different logins in the app as of this morning.

The duo-protected items pick up their icon from the Duo service, and there are pre-made icons for several of the other TOTP items I use (like AWS), but for the majority of logins I have to either pick an incorrect icon from the app’s list of icons, or just go without.

Having icons to visually differentiate the logins when scanning through the list is a huge help, so I end up going with distinct (but often incorrect) icons so that each service has a visual identifier. However, it would be even better if the app supported user-specified icons—either by picking an image from my device’s filesystem, or by feeding the app the URL of an image I want to use.

Duo has said for at least a couple of years that this functionality is coming, but it has yet to materialize. Any ETA?

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Hi lee, I’ll check with our development team on that. In the meantime, did you know that you can change the name of accounts listed in the Duo Mobile app? That might help differentiate your accounts as well.

Howdy Lee,

I’m the Product Manager for Duo Mobile. I’m thrilled to hear you are using Duo Mobile as an authenticator for 3rd party accounts.

We occasionally add new services as customers request them. What services are you using that you want added? We can add those to our queue for future support.

We are considering allowing custom logos in the future, but at this time I don’t have a timeline to share.

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Thanks for getting back to me, guys.

@Taylor_McCaslin, here’s a nearly complete list of sites I’m using 2FA with that don’t include icons:

…and also a Discourse icon would be useful for Discourse forums like this one, since CodingHorror & team added TOTP 2FA to Discourse a few versions ago.

Thanks for the opportunity for feedback.

Duo Security Team/Devs:

Please add the custom icon feature. I’ve been using Duo for years and years and, like the thread starter mentioned, your users have waited patiently for this very simple request. That’s because we utilize Duo for MFA across all of our accounts, not just the 40 or so you’ve pre-configured as defaults. Yes, I’ve changed the name to differentiate between them but the icon is important, too.

Please, please, please???



  • IBMid used for IBM Cloud
  • Synology DSM
  • Cisco (Defense Orchistrator)
  • Zoho Accounts
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I would also like the ability to set my own icons. It would be useful for sites you don’t have icons for, as well as cases where a different icon would be more meaningful. For example, I have two Google accounts, one personal, one work related, and I’d like to set my work account to my employer’s logo.

But if you’re open to adding additional icons built in, could you please add the truly essential, security critical fimfiction dot net? I wouldn’t want my My Little Pony fan fiction account compromised! (Yes, fimfiction really offers TFA. Yes, I have a fimfiction account. Yes, I’d like a cute little pony icon in my Duo app.)

  • VK
  • Ubisoft (Uplay)

Hi everyone! Thanks for sharing your requests for new icons in this thread. Going forward, we’d like to ask that you please create a “formal” feature request for new icons by either contacting Duo Support with your request or speaking with your Duo Account Executive or Duo Customer Success Manager.

@mkorovesisduo - Thanks for the response. I’m going to open a ticket per your recommendation. I will share Duo support’s response in this thread so the community can see the results of the process.

edit - I have created a feature request with case ID 00340294.

edit^2 - Here is the response I’ve received:


Thank you for contacting Duo support. I understand you have a request for the Duo Mobile app.

I have attached you to an existing feature request for this functionality. I am unable to speak to a timeline of this request, however the team will be in contact with interested customers directly. From the Support side of things, the case will be resolved, but your Feature Request will stay open with the Applications team.

If you have any more questions, or need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach back out.


I’d like an icon for paypal, please.

Created an account just to say this is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! Having so many 2FA accounts showing up as “Third Party” in the Android app is horrible!

Hey Zac, while a third-party account will always be labeled as such in the Duo Mobile account list, you can change the name and icon of an account by tapping and holding the account entry in the app and then tapping “Edit Account”.

@mkorovesisduo Now we just need to get your development team to change it so when you click “Edit Account” there is an option to upload a custom icon.

My employer has been a Duo customer since 1Q 2015, and I’ve been using it personally to secure my own stuff for the same amount of time. Been asking for custom icons for four years. I don’t understand why this feature request seems to be so difficult to implement—or, alternately, I don’t understand why this feature request is so heavily de-prioritized given its low apparent impact and ongoing extremely vocal customer requests.

Really wish you guys would quit [messing] around and add the option already. It ain’t hard and I trust you have competent enough change controls in place such that it ain’t gonna break your app.

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Hi Lee,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We are always working to improve the Duo experience, and we know this is an important request for many users. I’ve passed your comments along to the team.

I also would like to request the ability to add custom icons. For now, an icon Akamai would be nice. Thank you.

Where are we this simple but essential feature? This request is coming up for a year old now. Dozens of sites now support authenticator apps, we want to use Duo. I have to scroll a list of blank icons trying to find the one I need; is this the code for my PayPal Business or Personal?
You will never keep up by adding the sites for us. Just allow us to add by using a URL or upload from device. What is so hard about this request? It’s a tiny avatar in a space that is already there.

It would also be useful to be able to change the ones that you DO have. I have about five different Google accounts, allowing us to customise that logo would speed up the authentication process.
The brain focuses on images not text.

Fix this. For the love of god.

  • Bitdefender (& major antimalware suites)

  • NinjaRMM (& major RMM cloud services)

  • Ability to add custom icons for third-party apps that are missing an icon. At least a list to choose from to categorize types of accounts, personal/work, etc…

I would like to see custom icons for:

  1. Microsoft Volume Licensing Portal
  2. Dell Secure Works
  3. OpenSRS