Cross platform restore not available

I understand it is not possible to use Duo Restore across platforms (aka Android <> IOS, or even iPhone vs IPad). Is there any technical reason for that or just product manager / programmer incompetence ?
Sorry for the harsh wording but seems really, really poor implementation.

Hi @AlexT ,

Thanks for raising the need for a cross-platform Restore solution in Duo Mobile. When designing our intra-platform restore solutions, we optimized the Restore process for each operating system separately, leveraging the best functionality for each platform, such as iCloud Keychain and GDrive. The problem this poses is that the best mechanisms for restoring Duo accounts on iOS and Android respectively isn’t as widely adoptable (or isn’t available, in the case of iCloud Keychain on Android) on the other platform. Intra-platform Restore is a more seamless process for most users than a solution that’s cross-platform enabled. That being said, the product team has taken note of your feature request, and will evaluate it! Thank you for the feedback!