Create administrator API is not respecting status field

Hi All,

I am trying to create Administrator User using admin API with status as Disabled.
Request - POST /admin/v1/admins
Body - {“status”:"Disabled’, etc…}

With this request Admin user gets created on Duo but its status remain as Active.
Does any one have face this issue or their is defect in Duo API?

References - Duo Admin API | Duo Security

Are you trying to disable an admin with the Owner role? You can’t disable owners via the API.

    "code": 40002, 
    "message": "Cannot disable administrators with Owner role", 
    "message_detail": "status", 
    "stat": "FAIL"

Hi @DuoKristina,

I am not trying to disable an admin with Owner role, i am trying to create an Administrator with Disable state.
But some how Administrator accounts gets created in Active mode only.
Duo is not respecting status “Disable” which is give in request body.
Is this a correct behavior?

What role are you specifying when you create the administrator? If you specify no role, the default is Owner. If you are specifying a role other than Owner and the administrator account isn’t created as Disabled, please contact Duo Support.