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Hello all,

When I create a new administrator the option “Permissions > Role” is missing.
So I can’t set management permissions for a new administrator.
In Dashboard > Administrators the column Role is also missing.
My admin account is created last year as Owner.
My co-worker with same Owner rights has same problem.

Create admin roles was working in last June.

Why ?

Hi @HarryO, I recommend contacting Duo Support for help with this. I was just looking at my own test account, and everything seems to be working as expected, so this is not the result of a change to the product or anything. We’ll have to look into what’s going on with your account permissions.

All Duo administrators qualify for some level of support. Please check out the Duo Support page here for how to contact them. I hope that helps!

@HarryO Administrator roles are available to paying Duo customers. Is it possible you created users with different roles during the Access edition 30-day trial period offered to new accounts, and then transitioned to a Duo free account? When a paid account changes to a free account, all admins default to the Owner role.

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Thanks for reply.

Reason found and will be fixed by DUO Support / DUO Account Manager.

Our customer has administrative issue with Cisco so I think Cisco has DUO license set back to free 10 user version.
License is fixed, normal version is linked to customer. (Duo MFA 375 user)
Create Admin accounts is fixed.
Create normal users is not fixed jet, message “Failed to add user. Your account reached the user limit of 10 users.”

To be continued …