Country mismatch error on Risk Based Authentication

Is anyone else who is trying the new Risk Based Authentication getting users with a “Country code mismatch detected with risk-based factor selection” which doesn’t elevate the auth, it just errors continuously?

The scenario is the user’s Access Device and Authentication Device are in two different countries, like if they are on a VPN while abroad.

Hi there! We identified a bug that is causing this behavior that should be fixed in the next few weeks. We can disable the Country Code mismatch in our algorithm for you until the fix rolls out if you’d like. Our product team is also happy to set up some time to speak with you about your experience with Risk Based Auth. I can send you a DM if either of these sound appealing.

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Hi Evan, thank you again for reporting this issue. The RBA team has fixed this in release D252, which finished rolling out yesterday. Find resolution details in our release notes: