Costs for SMS, callback, Duo Push for Germany


I use the FREE-Edition of DUO.

What are the costs for SMS (10 credits) and callback (5/20/30 credits) in Euro?


Hello @schnugg

Great question! Thank you for sharing it with the community. The answer is a little more complex than just a straightforward price.

Duo Free accounts can purchase what are considered backup telephony credits at any time with a minimum of 1,000 credits. A batch of 1,000 credits costs $10. We only sell telephony credits in US dollars, so your credit card charges whatever the conversion rate is. Currently this would be around €8.97.

The credits you purchase are then used at the rates for the country and device you are reaching. For Germany, this would be SMS (10 credits) and callback (5/20/30 credits):

  • SMS - €0.09
  • Phone callback - €0.04 / €0.18 / €0.27

Please note that these are estimates and may vary slightly :slight_smile: You can see the full rate card here

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Alright. Many thanks!


Thanks for posting! Please also note that Duo Push and Duo Mobile-generated passcodes are app-based and have no telephony cost, but require a smartphone or other mobile device.

You can learn more at about using those authentication methods instead of telephony-based SMS-delivered passcodes or phone callback authentication.

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Many thanks for your very friendly support.