Construct my own email enrolment notification


I’ve started using Duo Free for my home network, and there’s no ability to send an email notification to a new user manually added, so i looked at an email sent to a user using Duo Access. The enrolment link has the format


i can find the API HOSTNAME easily enough, but how to I find out the SOME CODE and SOME KEY values? I’m guessing the SOME KEY is the GUID of the user account but that’s not displayed in the admin console. and how do I find out the SOME CODE?

I’d like the ability to construct my own emails and forward them to the new user for first time enrolment, as I’m only using Duo Free for securing my RD gateway service for remote access and that does not allow you to enrol during logon.

I initially got around this by setting up a 30 day free trial that allowed my to send email notification, but after 30 days it’s switched to the Free version that doesn’t allow emails, so i can’t add any more users and enrol them.

Any insights welcome, or easier ways to enrol users using Duo Free.


Ken Z

I’ve started using Duo Free for my home network, and there’s no ability to send an email notification to a new user manually added

The ability to customize the emails sent to users, or to send them programmatically via the Admin API are features of Duo’s paid plans, but Duo Free plans can send individual users enrollment emails from the Admin Panel.

If you view a user in the Duo Admin Panel you should see a Send Enrollment Email link at the top-left. Click that to send the enrollment link to the user (the user must have an email address set in Duo).

Send Enrollment Emails to Existing Users

You can also send Duo Mobile phone activations to users via email.

Activating Duo Mobile After Enrollment

Hi DuoKristina

I’ve got both access to both an Duo Free Admin Portal and and Duo Access Admin Portal, and while the Duo Access Admin portal has the option to email users individually, the Duo Free Admin portal doesn’t. The Send Email only appears for the paid-for editions.



I just signed up for a new Duo account and ended the automatic Access plan trial so the billing reflects it’s the Free plan, and the Send Enrollment Email link is present.

It might be worth contacting Duo Support about this? Because, to answer your original question, there is no way for you to generate the enrollment link outside of one of the enrollment methods provided in Duo.


Sorry for the delay in responding.

OK, I created a brand new user account and there was an option to send an Enrollment Email as you mentioned, which is strange, because the existing users that are in the system don’t have that option.




In Duo, a user is enrolled when they exist in Duo and the user is attached to an authentication device: a phone, a hardware token, etc.

An existing user, who already has a 2FA authentication device (a phone or whatever), is already enrolled, so there would not be an enrollment link offered for that user anymore.

A new user you just created, who is not attached to any 2FA devices, still needs to complete enrollment. Therefore, the option to send that user an enrollment email is available.


thanks for that. Useful to know. Might have to do that free training that’s being offered for all users with an Admin Console :slight_smile:


Ken Z