Connectwise SSO Integration

Does anyone know if it is possible to set up Duo as an external identity provider? I don’t see any documentation on either end and we would really like to set this up.

Here is a link to the general setup instructions:


Hi there,

Edit: Oops, I misunderstood your question initially. I am rather new to my role and still learning. Yes, my expert colleague Kristina explains in this post that Duo Access Gateway is a SAML 2.0 capable identity provider (or IdP).

You can set up Duo to protect Connectwise Manage via SSO using the generic SAML service provider:

  1. Deploy Duo Access Gateway
  2. Point it to Active Directory as the primary authentication source
  3. Set up SSO for ConnectWise Manage. When you do this you’ll be bouncing between the Duo Admin Panel (where you create the generic SAML application using whatever parameters/attributes ConnectWise recommends), your Duo Access Gateway server’s admin interface (where you add the application you created in the Duo Admin Panel), and the ConnectWise management console (where you tell it to use Duo for SSO).

This might be a good reference for you:

Thanks to @DuoKristina for this answer!

Hi, we are in the same boat. Needing information on how to setup DAG with SAML / CW Manage & such as per the original question above. I can’t find any documentation that outlines the connection between the two products (ConnectWise doesn’t technically support DUO SAML but says it will work) and the setup on both sides uses different terminology for the required fields / values. We have DAG setup pointing to our AD, MattK did you get it working?