Configuring DUO for WiFi access

Looking to set up 2FA for users who come in to the office. We only want them to get connected to the internet if they have entered two factor credentials. So the user would first set up the 2FA. than for regular use, would get prompted to enter in 2fa code from say Google authenticator. So as the administrator for this commercial wireless service, we are looking for the quickest, easiest way to set this all up. Is there say a Cisco wireless access point that is good for small business that has a tool built in that can do this ? We are hoping there is an easy solution

Hi @shredder,

It is possible to protect your Wifi with Duo two-factor authentication, as described here in a past post. I think a better solution would be to protect access to the applications your users use instead, though. The response in that link details why many people who are considering this approach ultimately go another route instead.

As for Cisco wireless access points, I am not familiar with them to make any sort of recommendation. A good bet would be to post in the Cisco Wireless Mobility community (you can even just crosslink this post) as the members there will likely be better equipped to help you.

Also, others in the Duo community may have some insight to offer here, so I welcome any other thoughts on this!