Configure Phone in India


We have a situation where one developer is in India. And We are not able to send him Text messages on phone. Somehow manually sending link we could activate app for him. Now he can see passcode (which changes every minute) on his cell phone. But when he tries to login it does not accepts it.

Below is error he is getting

The pre-shared key for connection appears to be incorrect.

Is pre-shared key and passcode are two different things? What is the configuration of the Pre-shared key? We are using global VPN client to connect.

We are stuck on this issue. I think app is setup but it is something with VPN.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Mandar,

We have a Knowledge Base article that lays out the issues with SMS delivery in India: Your messages may be blocked for one of the reasons outlined there.

I am not familiar with the “pre-shared key” error you’re describing, but it sounds like a VPN configuration issue? Please reference our documentation at to verify that you have correctly followed each step to protect access.

If neither of those resources solve your issue, I recommend contacting our Support Team so they can troubleshoot this issue with you. Thanks!


Is that make difference if we use VPN and use DUO, one thing i am facing is its taking long time to connect to it. And messages are getting blocked. You can check screenshot here