[Community Poll] How do you like to learn?

We all have our own preferences for how we like to learn new things; some folks may prefer to read an article about something, while others might prefer to listen to podcasts.

Which is your favorite way to learn something new?

  • Visual: looking at maps, charts, graphics or diagrams
  • Auditory: listening to lectures, podcasts, discussions, or reading aloud
  • Reading/writing: reading articles, manuals, reports or “Googling it”
  • Kinesthetic/tactile: hands-on experience and practice (simulated or real)
  • Something else (tell us in the comments!)

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You may have learned before that everyone has a “learning style” based on how they process information. We now know that may not exactly be the full story! Everyone actually learns using our own unique blend of all the “styles”, and someone who says they are an “auditory learner” may not necessarily perform better on an auditory test than someone who says they prefer hands-on, kinesthetic learning.

Even though learning styles don’t necessarily have a scientific basis, they are still helpful ways to think about your individual preferences for learning new things! You can think of “learning styles” more like “learning preferences” that are representative of how much you enjoy a particular way of learning.

Self-reflection in learning

Thinking about how you like to learn can help you make decisions to be as successful as possible when learning something, and have the most fun doing it! I have an auditory preference because I like learning new things by having discussions and listening to explanations that are read aloud. It was difficult at first when I started working remotely, because I didn’t have the option of walking over to someone’s desk to ask them a question. I’ve had to adapt to communicating through chat messages more often, but because I know that verbal discussions are most effective for me, I make it a point to schedule short Webex calls with other folks at Duo, so that I still have that opportunity to verbally ask them lots of questions!

(Me typing this post from my couch)

Why are we curious about this?

When we review responses to our Level Up course surveys, we’ve noticed we have Duo admins with all types of preferences. Some folks might ask us to make more videos for a course, while others will share that there are too many videos, and they would prefer to read more! We want to help you be successful Duo admins, and that means we want to make Level Up courses, articles, technical videos, webinars, and more that give you options to learn the way you find the most helpful (and the least boring!)

So tell us - how do you like to learn? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Sandbox/simulated environments where I get a chance to test things out, tweak settings, break it and then fix it again.