Communicatiion Error on first setup

Hi, I am new. I have created an RDP in Admin panel but when running the installation on my Windows Server 2012R2 machine (via RDP, not locally) I get the following error, with code (5). See attached screenshot.

I run is as Administrator and I have checked the Documentation and FAQ’s searching for this error in the initial setup without finding anything.

I am not behind either a proxy or a vpn.

Hello… anyone home?

Did you already go through this KB article’s suggestions to verify the Windows system has connectivity to Duo’s cloud service?

Did you view the Windows Installer log produced by the Duo for Windows Logon installer for additional details (on the exit screen of the installer there is a checkbox to show the log)?

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Json result stat:ok

I will get back to you with the MSI Log, any section in particular?

If you look at the install log do you see any output that mentions the call to your API hostname (https://api…)? Have you changed the TLS cipher config on your system (like disabling everything but TLS 1.2)?

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TLS 1.0 and 1.1 is enabled.

I can only find 2 api entries in the msi log, both refer to my api hostname as specified by your system and that I input as first step of installation.

There is an entry in the MSI log
Note: 1 : 1708
Product: Duo Authentication for Windows Logo x64 - - Installation operation failed