Coming soon: Updates to the Self-Service Portal and the new Device Management Portal


This August, we’ll begin rolling out updates to the Self-Service Portal and introducing a new Device Management Portal. Duo’s Steve Won lays out all the changes in this blog post:

Check it out!


Could you tell us what the roll-out process is? Will there be an administrative option to stay with the older version of the self-service portal so that the impact of the changes are not immediate on the client side?


Hi Idil,

The rollout will be staggered across deployments between August 3 and August 11. There will not be an option to opt out of this update as it’s a small improvement to the user experience that does not add additional steps to the process.

You can see more screenshots of the new experience in our Knowledge Base here:


Thank you Dooley.

Two more questions…
(1) how can we find out the date our servers will be affected?
(2) when will the “Device Management Portal” be available to use?

Thanks for your help.
– Idil


Sure thing! The Device Management Portal will be available as an application two weeks after the Self-Service Portal Update. I’ll message you with some additional details on when you’ll get the initial SSP update.


At NYU, we find this update approach unacceptable. Here’s how I’d characterize it from our angle:

  • will take effect at an imprecise time
  • but quite possibly during our production change freeze period (fall semester beginning!)
  • also a period of likely very heavy customer use
  • rendering our documentation inaccurate
  • providing zero customer ability to test the change in advance

However “cosmetic” a change may be regarded by a vendor, it may be non-trivial to customers.

  • Gary Chapman, NYU IT


Virginia Tech maintains development and pre-production instances of Duo. Can we schedule the rollout to those instances prior to hitting production?


Hi Mary, the rollout may hit your accounts at different times. Please contact our Support Team and they can verify when your accounts will see the update.


Hi Gary, I know you’ve been in touch with our Customer Success team, but I just wanted to close the loop. We really appreciate your feedback and are taking your concerns into account for further releases.