Coming soon to Duo Mobile for iOS: Dark Mode

Hi everyone.

The Duo Mobile app for iOS will soon support Dark Mode. This feature will be available beginning with Duo Mobile for iOS version 3.30.0. The release of version 3.30.0 of the app will coincide with Apple’s release of iOS 13 this fall. This functionality will only be compatible with iOS 13 and newer.

This long-awaited functionality is intended to make the app easier to use in low-light conditions and for users with sensitive eyesight. It can also help save battery life by illuminating fewer pixels.

Here are some screenshots of the app in Dark Mode:

Users with devices running iOS 13 and newer can enable Dark Mode through two different ways:

  • Navigate to Settings App > Display & Brightness and select the “Dark” appearance.
  • Navigate to Control Center, long press the brightness slider, and tap the “Dark Mode” icon.

Also included in version 3.30.0 of Duo Mobile for iOS are some slight aesthetic tweaks to the general appearance of the app outside of Dark Mode. The color of buttons and backgrounds throughout the app have been consolidated, along with the color and size of text elements. Here is an example of the “tweaked” look in the “light” or regular mode:

This Duo Mobile for iOS release follows the release of Duo Mobile for Android 3.29.0 on August 13, 2019, which introduced dark theme for compatible Android devices.

We hope that you all like this change for iOS. Please let us know if you have any questions!