Closer API Endpoints?

I have Duo employed for my home network and the API server I was assigned to is all the way across the country in Los Angeles (DUO63) - I’m in Charlotte, NC. This causes a 2-3 second lag for push notifications that is not present on equipment in our datacenter, which I’m assuming is routed to a much closer datacenter here on the East Coast. The Privacy Datasheet says Duo uses AWS in multiple regions, so is there a way to force it to use a region closer to me, like US East?

Hi @x86txt ,

2-3 seconds of additional Push Notification time seems like a lot and may be attributed to other factors such as the 2FA device receiving the Push or the application being protected by Duo. Typically the difference between East and West AWS regions is in the milliseconds. For myself (located in the Southwest) I noticed 120ms for East and 96ms for West (

Has this been proven by logs of the protected application, such as the Authentication Proxy, if used? You might correlate said logs first and timestamp each step of the auth flow as something else might be going on. Either way, I would suggest you contact our Support Team to troubleshoot or request more information regarding our AWS deployment region mapping.

Hope this helps!