Clio Application for 2FA

Is there an application that supports Clio 2FA? I don’t see it in search.

Clio ( uses Google Authenticator and I prefer to only use DUO.

Hi @works2020 ,

Duo does not currently have a named integration for Clio, but please feel free to submit this as a Feature Request via your Account Executive, Customer Success Manager (if applicable), or our Support Team. It helps if you could also submit a Feature Request to Clio asking for integration with Duo.

I am unsure why Clio specifies only Google Authenticator (TOTP) for MFA, but you should be able to scan the QR code with Duo Mobile and see if it works via 3rd party account setup.

What are the differences between Duo-protected applications and third-party accounts?

Hope this helps!

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I’ll try accessing Clio using the the DUO app, will be ideal if it works. I’ll have an update for you after testing, should get to this today.