Client VPN gets 718 error when primary RADIUS (DUO) server fails

Currently experiencing issue with the Windows VPN adapter when trying to use Meraki MX 84 (15.43) and DUO MFA. The issue exists when I have two RADIUS servers are configured and the primary one goes down. I know the second one works because I have listed it first and it works without an issue. The issue seems to be with the client time out on the VPN adapter. Ive contacted Meraki support to change the time out value on the Meraki side but isnt enough time to get the Duo MFA push to the mobile device. I get a 718 error about 30 seconds and about 5 seconds later I get DUO push on the phone so I just miss it. Even if I push allow on my mobile device it too late since its already closed out the session. Is there a way to change the adapter time out or is there something else that needs to be configured to allow the 2nd RADIUS server more time on the client to allow the response?