Cisco DUO Implementation

Hi Guys,

I’m new to Cisco DUO and I have a project to deploy the DUO. The services to be authenticated are VPN, Local PC, and Office365 which is AD integrated. Also, I’m not sure if I require the ADFS server for a single sign-on.

Above mentioned is the requirement and I’m not sure from where to start, it would be great if someone can guide me with setup plan.


You can start with VPN and for that ypu only need duo Auth proxy .

You can add duo Access Gateway for helping the registration process and user self service
Then you can also use Duo AG for federate with office 365.

You can define a group in AD ( DUO Users) and syncronize this group with duo in order to force only 2factr for this users bypassing all the rest.

You don’t need ADFS, but you can use if you whant to replace DUO AG.

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