Cisco ASA Group Policies and Duo



I’ve implemented Duo with my Cisco ASA using SAML but am I correct in assuming that I can’t assign different group policies using the ASA? Would I be better off using a RADIUS server with Duo?

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Our RADIUS implementation is unable to send LDAP group information directly from an LDAP primary authentication source. You do have a few options here though:

1: ASA > [Duo RADIUS Proxy(Duo Authentication Proxy Reference | Duo Security) as primary] > NPS or other upstream RADIUS primary auth source that can send group info in a RADIUS attribute.

With this config you’d want to make sure to set the pass_through_all option for both the RADIUS server and client configurations in the Duo proxy’s authproxy.cfg file.

2: ASA > LDAP primary auth PLUS ASA > Duo RADIUS proxy only for secondary auth. The group info for assigning policies comes directly from your LDAP directory.