Cisco ASA and DUO Push

We currently have ASA + DUO doing 2FA
Primary Authentication is handled by Cisco ISE

Secondary is done by DUO
User has an option to enter DUO Passcode in the second password filed he gets on Anyconnect or he can type Push

when user types Passcode 2FA works without any issues

However if user types PUSH (we have configured push to receive notification on DUO App ON MOBILE) he is sometimes bombarded with multiple push notification.

Each unacknowledged notification is counted as a failed attempt and then subsequently locking user account

Can you someone please advise why the user’s are getting multiple push notifications on their mobile?


Hi Nikhil, have you checked the timeout settings for your client or connection profile? Please make sure they are set to something like 60 seconds.

Thanks for your reply
Yes I have

I see. Please contact Duo Support regarding your issue and please share this community post with them for additional context.