Cisco ASA and DUO MFA


we have connected our Cisco ASA 5506 with cisco DUO MFA Cloud. successfully.

Our Anyconnect clients get a second password box, where we can enter push or phone to receive push notifications in the DUO App, or a Phone call/sms via Cell.

BUT, we only want PUSH for all of us, without entering “Push” or “Phone” in the second box.

Is this possible?

Greetings from Germany


Hi @Linus02 ,

If you configured your ASA using the Duo for ASA LDAPS integration type, then the 2nd password field is required. You may choose to customize this field via Knowledge Base | Duo Security.

The RADIUS and SAML integration types for Cisco ASA do not require a 2nd password field. Pease see What are the differences between the various Cisco ASA configurations?

Hope this helps!