Changing status of trashed user to active from api


I am trying to update an trashed user to status from pending deletion to Active from api.
Whenever i am trying to update an status from api is returning an 200 ok but still the user is shown in trash user.

You can’t use AdminAPI to remove a user from the trash/remove from pending deletion, only to change applied status active, bypass, or disabled.

You need to log into the Duo Admin Panel and restore them from the UI.

Hi @DuoKristina,

I am able to change an user status as well as its Real Name from API.
So if the user is read only as it shown on Duo UI then why the rest API is sending response 200 ok.
It should fail and give an exception that this user can’t be modified because its trash user(read only user)
Is the bug in duo API?

No. You can contact your account exec, customer success manager, or Duo Support to submit a feature request for managing a user’s “trash” status from the Admin API.