Changing login from "select authentication method" to "automatically send Duo push"

Hi, Is there a way to change a Wordpress login so that instead of the Choose an authentication method screen, it sends a push automatically. I have tried deleting and re-installing Duo plugin in Wordpress as well as deleting the login within the Duo Dashboard. Is the only way to do this to create a new Wordpress user identity? I am on a free account. Thank you

Hi kalmarnet,

Since our WordPress integration displays the Duo Prompt to end-users, configuring automatic push capability at the Prompt is something that is totally dependent on end-user preference. In order to access this functionality, an administrator must enable the self-service portal. However, this feature is only available to paid customers on any edition.

Alternatively, you can enroll a new user at the Prompt (or delete your current user from Duo and re-enroll that username) and configure automatic push behavior during the enrollment workflow.