Change in the remembered devices workflow in the Duo Universal Prompt

Hello all,

I received a communication from Duo stating the remembered devices workflow will change. The email pointed to this page for extra explanation.

Reading it led me to the following question:
For what I read here, it is unclear if there is still an expiration on the remembered devices feature.

Indeed, the only part mentioning an expiration is:

A user who has previously selected to “Trust browser” and whose “Trust browser” cookie has expired will see a filled-in “Trust browser” checkbox on the first screen in the Universal Prompt 2FA flow.

Does this mean that, even with an expired cookie, the “Trust browser” checkbox will stay enabled?


Hi Antony, good question - thank you for asking it here! There is still an expiration on the Remembered Devices feature. Remembered devices will only work for the duration specified in your policy. Once the cookie expires, the user will be asked to log in again. After primary authentication, they will see the screen shown in that article where the “Trust browser” checkbox is automatically filled in. Does that make sense? Let me know if I can clarify anything further :slight_smile:

Hello @Amy,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, that makes sense but it wasn’t clear to me in the documentation. :wink:


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Cool, glad to have helped! I can have our team revisit that article as well to see if we can make it a little clearer. :+1: