CAS: Multiple Duo Providers


Are there documentations on how to configure CAS for multiple Duo providers?


Hi Hugo, did you ever figure this out? We are running CAS 5.1.2 and I tried getting it to work with no luck.



Did you look at the CAS instructions for Multiple Duo providers?


Hi Kristina,

Yes, those were the directions I tried to follow but with no luck. I could add the second Duo provider in my file and I could reference that second provider in my .json service file(s) but when I accessed that service and selected to use the phone app fro 2FA, the name of the protected app I was authenticating to was the first Duo/CAS protected app.



These conversations in the CAS discussion forum might help:!searchin/cas-user/duo|sort:date/cas-user/eRwqZbHrnNE/0aK1S--9BgAJ!topic/cas-user/NRIVONBZkvk


Hi Kristina,

That first thread to the CAS group was one that I recently submitted :wink:

I read through that second link you sent and they are looking to do something a little different than what I want to do. They want to have certain groups of users as defined by Active Directory (ex: students) bypass Duo 2FA when using CAS. What we are looking to do is have different services that are front ended by CAS (ex: one is our Learning Management System Moodle, the other our Mobile App Platform Ellucian Mobile) point to different Duo Protected CAS instances so we can apply different policies.

I recently submitted a ticket to Duo and will report back if I’m able to get it working.

Appreciate your help.