Can't install Duo for OWA - Exchange 2016 .net 4.7.1


I have a newly installed Exchange 2016 server on Server 2012 R2. I tried to install DUO for OWA but keep getting the error “Duo Security for OWA Integration requires ASP .NET 4.5 Enabled for IIS”. Before Exchange was installed, I had patched my servers and with that .Net 4.7.1 was installed. I went through all the prerequisites per the install documentation and all the Server options are installed for ASP 4.5. I’m not sure what else to try. Is this a compatibility issue due to having .NET 4.7.1 installed?


Do you have .NET 3.5 installed? If not, please try installing that and then retry the install.


Thanks for the suggestion. I had installed .net 3.5 through my troubleshooting, but didn’t enable the 3.5 features under the WebServer options. Once that was installed, the duo owa installer went through without error.