Cannot find "Duo Network Gateway - Web Application" in my Duo Dashboard

Hi there,

I am trying to setup Duo 2FA to protect my legacy web servers. I have created Duo Network Gateway successfully (on CentOS), and I am in step3 “Add Web Application”.

Duo NG instructs me to “Add a new Duo Network Gateway - Web Application” in the Duo Dashboard, however I can not find it in my Duo Dashboard. (see picture below, I can see only Duo Network Gateway - 2FA with SSO hosted by Duo"

Please kindly guide me where I can add my “Duo Network Gateway - Web Application”


Are you a Duo Beyond plan customer, or in an active Beyond trial? Duo Network Gateway is a feature only available in Duo Beyond. Review Duo plans here.

You are right! DuoKristina.
I was on the MFA plan and I just now upgrade to Duo Beyond and I can see the Duo Network Gateway - Web application :blush:

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