Cannot complete your request - NS Gateway


Hi all

I set up a new Duo proxy server and a Netscaler for testing MFA for XenDesktops. User logons without Duo RADIUS authentication on the NS work as long as there is an LDAP authentication server configured under the VPN server

I followed the guide and set up two RADIUS servers, one for browser and one for Citrix Receiver. When I try to log on using a browser I get a push sent to my phone, I approve the logon and I get a “Cannot complete your request” popup. I click OK and it just keeps looping until the browser is closed

When I set up the receiver I get a push notification, I approve and then I get prompted for credentials again. I log in and I can start my desktop and/or apps. If I log off and back on I only get prompted once for my credentials and there is no push

Any idea how to resolve these?