Can not install on android

I have google account on laptop with cell number attached. I want to install duo on android cell with same phone number. The only option available is to scan barcode. Can not locate barcode.

Duo works on laptop.

Hi @Bob_M, just a note that I moved your post to the Duo Mobile app forum since your question concerns adding a second device for use with Duo Mobile. This will help others find the answer in the future.

Sorry to hear you’re having some difficulty with this! What type of account are you using with Duo Mobile? For example, do you use Duo to authenticate when logging into a work or school account? If this is the case, and you see the Duo Prompt with the self-service options to Add a New Device, you can follow the instructions here to enroll your Android phone in Duo. The barcode you asked about is displayed on the prompt near the end of the enrollment process.

If you’re using Duo with a third-party account, such as Google or Facebook, then you should follow the the service provider’s instructions to enable 2FA for that account. Typically, the service provider will give you an activation code which you can put into Duo Mobile. See the instructions Google provides here to add 2FA to your account using an Android authenticator app.

Thankyou for responding.

I’m not attaching Duo to any organization. I simply want to contact people which I can do on win laptop. (

The same URL does ont work on cellphone as it goes to:
I have spent several hours trying to figure it out to no avail.

Your online help is written by a person who knows how it works. This person needs to think like a novice when writing instructions.

Ohhh, I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding! You are using Google Duo the video calling app. We are Duo Security, a company that provides cloud-based access protection solutions including two-factor authentication.

Please share your question in the Google Duo Community here for help with this! Google Duo Community

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