Can I change push1, phone1, sms1 to a dialog with buttons?


I use DUO for a number of things and all of them have a popup that allows me to click a “push” button. But I just set up DUO to work with our SRA 1600 SonicWALL VPN appliance and instead I am prompted to type ‘push1’, ‘phone1’ or ‘sms1’ into a text box and click OK. Is there any way to change this to something a little more polished like a popup with a button that says “Send me a Push” like I see with other apps I use with DUO?


No, this is not possible with the RADIUS auto-push configuration. Not all applications, services, or appliances have equal support for the Duo Web UI.

In order to provide your end users with a bit more guidance it is sometimes possible to switch your config from [radius_server_auto] to [radius_server_challenge], which will show some text to your users about their available authentication options. You can learn more about this option here: Duo Authentication Proxy Reference | Duo Security.

However, I have some notes from a few years ago that said RADIUS Challenge did not work on an SRA 1200, with a (now defunct) link to a SonicWALL support forum post with the quote “We do not support Access-Challenge as a general interactive login process. We do support it within the context of RSA SecurID’s special modes (new PIN, next token, etc).” So, you might want to verify with SonicWall that the SRA 1600 fully supports RADIUS Challenge for login before exploring this alternative.