Can Duo work with Sonicwall NSA & SSL VPN

Been searching quite a bit. Anyone done this? If so, how?
Installed Authentication Proxy…seems to start OK. Anyone know how to config the NSA for this?

Hi @willd44, I responded to your other post about this, but for posterity, you’ll find insructions for how to configure the Sonicwall NSA appliance in the help article here: You’re on the right track with using the Duo Authentication Proxy. Please keep in mind this is not an official Duo application, so your experience may vary, but other customers have been able to get this to work.

Thanks for the response but I was looking for configurations for using Duo with SSL VPN, not Global VPN.

Oh oops, I didn’t catch that difference. Let me look into this a little more and I’ll follow up with you if I find anything.

Update: Ok so what I found internally on our end is not going to be much help here. We don’t have the details of how to configure NSA for the Sonicwall SSL VPN, only that it will differ slightly from the Global VPN. Both should support RADIUS as an authentication mechanism though, so using the Auth Proxy is the right way to go and that article gives a good starting point of what to do.

I’d recommend contacting Sonicwall support for help with this, and also potentially posting to the Spiceworks Community as it looks like there are some folks there who have set this up and may be able to answer your question. (See specifically: DigiDoug’s replies in this thread)