Can DUO push a number or two or three letter code to confirm you are approving correct push?

In order to fight against 2FA bombing possibilities, I’d like to see Duo not only show the notification that a 2FA approval is needed, but it also show a two or three letter/number code on the screen of both the computer and smartphone to confirm that it was the specific login attempt I just did. I know it would be rare to be logging in at the exact same time as a hacker who happens to have stolen your master password, but I am sure it will happen someday when someone has hijacked my machine and is watching me type with a keylogger.


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Welcome to the community BTW. I’m not sure if this will help but there was a recent post similar to this.

Hi @Dan_Shenk-Evans, thank you for posting!

Short answer: Yes. You have the winning idea.

Duo has been developing a short alphanumeric code that lets the end-user verify their own two-factor push notification. We plan to release this with general availability in Fall '22.