Can Duo Free be used to access FINRA's CAT portal?

Does anybody know if Duo free can be used to access FINRA’s CAT Reporter site? FINRA states that “All users must enroll in the Duo MFA service to be able to access the Reporter Portal.” Does the Duo Free service have Webauthn/Fido2 compliance?

Also, any tips on how to program a Yubikey 5?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @Techster76

You don’t need to sign up for a Duo account to access the FINRA Reporter Portal, you just need to enroll as an end-user. Duo admin accounts are used to protect applications, and the portal you are accessing is already protected. Hope I explained that clearly :slight_smile: it’s a little confusing.

I found these instructions on how to enroll from a FINRA CAT Onboarding Guide: (page 20)

New users will be prompted to complete these steps before they can access the Reporter Portal.

  1. Navigate to the Reporter Portal based on your connectivity method
  2. Click Start setup to begin the enrollment process.
  3. Select the type of device you will use for authentication (mobile phone, tablet, or security key) and click Continue.
  4. Skip to step 5 for security key
  5. Complete the following steps to enroll a security key in Duo MFA:
    a. Click Continue to begin enrolling your security key.
    b. Insert your security key into the USB port on your computer and, if needed for the model used, tap the key or press the button.
    c. A message will appear confirming that your enrollment was successful.

We have a guide to using security keys with Duo which you may find useful. Check it out here:
And yes, Duo supports WebAuthn/Fido2 - even the free version!

I hope that helps! Thanks for using Duo and posting here in the community. :wave:

Hi Amy,

Sorry it took so long to respond - your reply landed in the Junk folder (since corrected!).

Your reply answered my questions perfectly and precisely. In fact, I will be looking into getting a key for my personal use. I used to use Duo to log into my Alma Mater’s portal (Virginia Tech), but it has been so long I’ll probably have to re-do everything.
The key seems like a good way to stay safe online and to not leave any traces behind.

Again, thanks for your reply,


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