Can duo be setup for just one windows share?

Does anyone know if its possible to have duo protect a single windows network drive/share?
We dont want to do it for every share, just one.

I would ideally like it to use pass through authentication but require the DUO login process before timing out after a set period.

I get the impressions that this cannot be done with windows.
But perhaps is possible with a linux samba share and radius, but i was hoping it could be done directly on our windows file server.

Hi @Martin ,

Duo cannot protect SMB file shares in Windows. Please feel free to share this and any future Feature Request with your Duo Account Executive, Customer Success Manager (if applicable), or our Support Team.

Some ways to reduce risk are:

  • If departments and areas are still working with legacy file shares like SMB, CIFS, etc, then one approach that we’ve seen customers use is to restrict access to those fileshares only after connecting to a VPN that requires 2FA as part of the connection process.
  • We’ve had a number of customers move to cloud-hosted storage services like Box and Dropbox where they have federated authentication to an identity provider (such as Duo SSO) where it is possible to then layer on 2FA at the IdP level.

Hope this helps!

how long will this be true? I see this in our admin panel :slight_smile:

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SMB support via Duo Network Gateway (DNG) is coming soon. Please note that DNG is a reverse proxy tool available in the Beyond edition of Duo that allows public, VPN-less access to internal applications over HTTPS, SSH, and RDP. DNG requires a SAML IdP for primary authentication, among other prerequisites.

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