Can a "blanket" rule be applied to all users for Number Matching MFA using VMWare Horizon Client?

We are in discussions for improving our authentication workflow when it comes to our DUO implementation, and we have a couple of questions regarding the Number Matching MFA DUO can provide. Theoretically, is it possible to have the Number Matching prompt appear on any authentication attempt, or is this feature something that has to be more of a “risk-based” approach? Follow-up question, does the DUO Number Matching MFA method “mesh” with VMware Horizon Client?

Hi @smmelot ,

Duo’s Verified Push is available as a static Policy setting in all paid editions. This means that you can apply it to a Group of users, certain Applications, or Globally (Policy Guide) and it will always require users to match numbers - outside of the Risk-Based Authentication engine/policy.

Verified Push is compatible with web-based applications that use the Universal Prompt. The named RADIUS integration for Horizon View is not compatible with Universal Prompt.

Hope this helps!