Call-Me Option doesn't actually call me, but it says I have "answered"

I’m trying to use the 2-factor authentication method of “Call Me,” which I’ve used hundreds of times before to get into my University Email Account…and now all of a sudden, I’m not receiving a call at all, yet the screen says the call has been “answered.” I never blocked Duo’s phone number, so that isn’t what my issue is. Also, after the screen tells me I’ve “answered” their call…it will eventually give me this error message: “Error during call: No keys pressed.” Obviously, there weren’t any keys pressed…I never received a call in the first place. What has also bothered me incredibly is how I’ve redownloaded the Duo Mobile Application on my IOS device(so it is the newest, updated version), and it is acting like it’s my first time using the app. I have iCloud/Keychain set up on my device, and I’ve had the app before…but now I can’t even do the other authentication methods to get into my UNIVERSITY EMAIL ACCOUNT. What do I even do at this point???

Hi @Regan_Marie ,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. The best course of action would be to contact your IT Help Desk as they would be able to investigate the “Call Me” issue from a Duo Admin perspective.

With regard to Duo Restore, said IT Help Desk may not have this feature enabled for end users. It is best that you contact them for restoring the other Duo authentication methods.

Guide to Duo Restore

Hope this helps!