Bypass Codes is at 9 Digits and Login Request 6

Good day!

1.-We create a New Microsoft RDP Application.

And in this New Application we Activate:
-Offline Access
-Limit Access by groups
-Offline authentication methods = Check Duo Mobile Passcode

2.-Then we set a user to this group for test.
3.-In Bypass Codes Section for this user we Add Bypass Code like 123456789 because is requested in 9 digits.

4.-When we Log in activates the Two-Factor Authentication Screen.
But in this place only request codes for 6 digits.

What we need to enable just for this Application where we are doing this test?
Could you recommend me some option?

Thanks for your help!

You can type any of the following into the passcode field shown by Duo Authentication for Windows:

  • a 6 digit passcode from an OTP hardware token or Duo Mobile
  • a 7 digit passcode received via SMS
  • an 8 digit passcode from an OTP hardware token
  • a 9 digit bypass code
  • a 44 character OTP code from a YubiKey
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