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We’re having issues when the browser language is not English. Use case: going to Duo Central, clicking on a tile, then accepting the push request from the phone, and nothing happens from there on. If we change the browser language to English, it works as expected.

Any ideas on this?


Hi @Ruben_Cardenal, hmm this is an interesting one! I haven’t come across this issue before, but I’ll take a look later this afternoon and see if I can help you out. Be in touch soon.

Following up on this, what language are you setting the browser to? Are you using the Duo Universal Prompt or tradtional prompt? There is an issue currently with the Universal Prompt in Spanish that the team is working on. The workaround in the meantime is to select [es] Spanish instead of [es-es].


Most of our users have the browser in Spanish. Anyway, the problem happens with the Universal Prompt. Using the traditional one works perfectly. So I’ve also chosen it for the rest of integrations.

Once that issue is solved, we’ll switch back to the Universal Prompt :slight_smile:


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Hi Ruben.

I had the same issue. Please, Just change the google chrome language setting to “SPANISH”, (only “SPANISH”) and the universal prompt works fine.

Language derivation as spanish-españa, spanish-mexico etc don’t work yet.

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Hello (Hola),

As I said, we have almost 200 users, and we can’t be asking them to mess with their browser settings. With the traditional prompt everything works as expected :slight_smile: