Blury screen, no login option, After installing duo RDP on windows 10

After installing DUO RDP on windows 10, I only see blury screen, no login option. Rebooted pc, still same issue

Hi @VTSPRO, thanks for sharing your question with the community! Is your user account a Microsoft or Live account? If so, these types of accounts require a registry fix which must be put in place to allow access. You’ll find the steps to solve this issue in the help article “Can I use Duo Authentication for Windows Logon with a Microsoft account?”
We have also seen similar issues if the user does not have a password set up for their account and Duo for Windows Logon was installed on the machine. Because there is no way to perform primary authentication, Duo will not work in this scenario. If this is the case, please follow the steps to uninstall Duo protection for Windows Logon / RDP from your machine.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much… i took the 2nd option