Bitwarden Push IOS Issue

Hi. Just configured Bitwarden for Duo Push (create BW app in Duo portal, copy info over to BW Duo config page and enable with no errors). When trying to login and selecting the push option, I never get the push prompt in the Duo iOS app. I get other Duo push notifications (admin login), so notifications are not an issue. I’ve restarted the phone, exited the app (swipe up), had it open staring at it, but nothing. The call me option works, so that’s a plus.


Hi @techg999 ,

If the Phone Call option works for authenticating into Bitwarden via Duo, then it sounds like the integration keys/API hostname are matching correctly. Does Duo Mobile Passcode work? Do you have more than one phone activated with Duo Mobile? In any case, you might contact Duo Support as they can see what may be going on under the hood.

Hope this helps!

@techg999: Actually, the Duo Mobile Passcode does not work. Only the phone call. This is a new phone, but Duo was migrated along with my items. Bitwarden was never added to the old phone. And duo works find with push on this phone for the duo admin account. As for support, I’m on the free plan, so support isn’t an option. Only community.

FWIW, the authentication log shows the phone calls as passed (as they should), passcode attempts as invalid passcode and push as no response. So odd.

In that case, you might try reactivating Duo Mobile on your Duo user account since the Admin account activation is separate from the User activation: Knowledge Base | Duo Security

@DuoPablo: Yes! that was it. When I changed my phone, I didn’t realize once I was done with re-installing\re-authenticating the mobile app and restoring all my passcode items that I had to also reactivate the app. I assumed, since it was working for everything I previously used the app for, that I was done. Thanks for the tip. Push is all good.

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