Billing - Can MSP's get it broken down better


I was wondering if MSP’s can get billing broken down better? It’s not even a client number count, just a line item. I would like to see it broken down by clients under the MSP and user count. Is this possible?



Thank you for reaching out! We do actually send a usage report along with MSP billing each month, which breaks down your billing by the users and billing edition for each subaccount. Note that if you pay by credit card, you should be receiving two separate emails: one which serves as a payment confirmation, and one which contains a PDF of your invoice and a CSV of your usage report.

If you are not receiving these emails or if you have any other MSP/billing related questions, please also feel free to reach out to us at!

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Craig Landreneau
Duo Channel Sales Specialist

This is not my experience (I do get the emails with one subject line: “MSP Charges for Invoice #”. I’ve reached out to MSP