Best Practise for IT Admins


We are a small IT company and provide IT-services to our customers. Now we want to give a 2nd factor for RDP sessions to some of our customers.

We are very new to Duo and have tested a Duo Free account for ourselfs. The test period was successfully.
Now the question is: what is the best practise to roll out Duo to our Customers. There are some companies who will need like 5 users. There are some companies who need 10 or more users. And there will be some companies that will need just 1 user.

We want to use the D-100 token from Duo for every user.

Do I have to create a new Duo Account for every customer? I think yes - even if there is just 1 user
Should I order 10 D-100 tokens from my own Account? I have to move the single tokens from my account to the Customers accounts? For example I will order 10 tokens and move 2 tokens to Account A and 3 tokens to Account B and so on…?
For every move I need to E-Mail to - but my own account is a free one. Am I allowed to use the support?

In short terms: what is the best practise for me?

Thank you for hints - and excuse my english :slight_smile:


Thank you for reaching out! The Duo MSP Program would be best suited for what you are trying to accomplish. We can enable the multi-tenant feature on your Duo Account once you’ve signed up to become a partner. This will allow you to create a sub account for each client and managed them from your Duo Account.

The MSP Program only allows for Duo paid editions, so Duo Free clients will need to be managed outside of your MSP Console once enabled. The MSP Program is invoiced based on the total aggregate users associated with your MSP Console on the last day of each month. You will not need to purchase licenses in batches, rather we take a snapshot and bill you accordingly.

Regarding hardware tokens, you can purchase tokens in batches of 10 on the parent account and then work with our Support Team ( to transfer any number of tokens to the desired sub account. The Duo MSP Program comes with full support from our MSP and Support Team. I’ve added some additional information on the MSP Program below. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

How does the MSP Partner Program work?

We make it easy to protect your clients with Duo, all with zero sales hassle and zero barriers to entry.

MSP Buying Program

  • Monthly, usage-based buying program
  • Absolutely no minimum sales commitment
  • Zero cost to enroll and billed monthly in arrears
  • Across the board licensing discount
  • Up to 50 free NFR licenses

MSP Management Console

  • Multi-tenant
  • Deploy without an order
  • Single login for you to manage all clients

Jon Lindstrom