Backing up / synching thrid party TOTP


Is there a way to setup Duo in such a way that third party TOTP tokens are either restorable from a backup, or, even better, synching across devices.

I had unfortunately to change phones twice over the past month and in both cases the account would not restore (the usual and unacceptable “unknown error” that we see way too often). Is this something actually working ?

Hi @AlexT, just a heads up that I moved your post to the Duo Mobile forum since this issue specifically concerns the Duo Mobile app and Duo Restore.

Are you using an iOS device, by chance? What you’re describing sounds like a known issue that we’ve encountered on iOS with Duo Restore for Third-Party Accounts. We have a workaround for this today, and a solution will be rolling out in the next version of Duo Mobile that will hopefully address this. You can read more about this in the thread here: IOS DUO App asking for Recovery Password creation every day - #2 by Amy