AWS Workspaces with Zero Client 6.X Firmware


I am curious if DUO works using a PcoIP Zero Client with the 6.X firmware authenticating to AWS Workspaces. The 6.X built in workspaces client has the MFA input box on the same screen as the AD authentication. I assume this would require the passcode to already be available before authentication takes place. From my understanding is that DUO generates the code after initial authentication and prompts for the additional credentials on a second screen using the Desktop Client.

Any clarification would be appreciated.


The act of generating a passcode is independent of when a client prompts for the MFA code.

It might work if you enter a passcode or the name of a Duo authentication method (e.g. push) into that MFA input field on the initial login window. That is similar to the login experience for some other remote access clients we support, like Cisco’s AnyConnect (

We don’t have a PcoIP client to test.