Automatic push with Azure Conditional Access?

Using Azure Conditional Access, is there a way to automatically push to the Duo mobile app? This works well with the settings we are using for the Windows RDP agent, and I would like to have a seamless experience for our users.

I have the Duo Azure CA app configured and working, but I can’t find any reference to enabling the automatic push. Is there something I can include in the JSON code to do this?

Hi jreineke, since our Azure CA application supports the Duo Prompt, users can configure Duo to automatically send a push or phone call authentication to their device of choice when completing 2FA. While this is slightly different than configuring autopush on the admin side of things, the user experience will be approximately the same.

A user can set default device and device options during self-enrollment via email-delivered enrollment links or the Duo Prompt. Alternatively, if you enable the self-service portal for your Azure CA application, users can select their default device and device options at any time.