Auto push to voip phone

I need to implement a voip phone that has a vpn client built in. Can DUO push to a different device to authenticate the voip phone?

Are you setting up the VPN with a Duo RADIUS automatic push config? RADIUS auto sends an automatic push to the first push-capable device attached to a user, or if the user has no devices activated for Duo push then Duo calls the first phone device.

For the user who is connecting on the VOIP phone’s VPN, just make sure that VOIP phone isn’t the first device in the list.

Learn more about ordering devices here.

We are using Duo Radius for one anyconnect termination point and ADFS for another.

I have the voip phone second in the list. Should I expect to receive a push notification on my cell for the voip phone?

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Yes. If your cell phone is first in the list of phones for your Duo user, and your cell phone is activated to Duo Push, AnyConnect RADIUS should send that phone a push request automatically and not call the VOIP phone number.

Duo’s AD FS adapter shows the interactive Duo Prompt, so you can choose which factor you want to use to authenticate (and you would likely choose to push to your cell phone).