Auto-phone call with Microsoft Remote Desktop

I’m currently doing a trial of Duo for Microsoft Remote Desktop. Works a treat but one user was having trouble logging on when they open the RDP file (rdweb works fine) until I twigged that they hadn’t installed the mobile app and therefore the push authentication wasn’t working. This is discussed in this post. I understand and appreciate the limitations - there is no user interface option available:

However, this post mentions “or if push is not enabled on the default device auto-phone call)”. Do you have to do some extra configuration for auto-phone call? Am I right in thinking this is some mechanism whereby they are called and have to answer it/confirm somehow?

Because I don’t think it’s calling the user. This is how the phone appears in the admin console:

  1. Have you enabled phone call as an authentication method in the policies effective for your Duo RD application? Note that phone call verification isn’t available for free trials.
  2. Does the phone have a valid number?
  3. Is the telephony credit cost for calling that number above the maximum credits per call setting (default is 20)?
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Thanks - yes, it’s a free trial… so that’ll explain it.

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