AuthProxy Doesn't Start Automatically on Ubuntu

I’ve got the duoauthproxy configured and working with my LDAP server, however, if I reboot my server, the proxy is not starting automatically. I have to log in with a user that does not use Duo (which I have blocked from remote login) and manually start the service (with authproxyctl start). After showing the validation configuration (no problems) I see the message “Removing stale pidfile /opt/duoauthproxy/run/” for a few minutes before it actually starts.

What do I need to do for this to start automatically?

Hi @fjwolz19

You can configure the Duo Authentication Proxy to start automatically at system startup using these instructions.

“Removing stale pidfile” makes me think something else might be going on here, though I am unsure. I recommend checking this article and comparing with your own file to make sure everything is right.