Authorized Networks not working

I’m currently testing DUO for RDP on a W10 VM that was setup just for testing DUO. My PC and the PC that I’m RDP-ing to are on the same network/domain and both use the same gateway to get to the internet. Doing a speedtest from each PC shows the Public IPs match.

I have our Public IP added to the allow access without 2FA. It worked when I first set it up but it has stopped working. I’ve reinstalled DUO on the PC twice and it’s still requiring 2FA even though we are on the same network. Any advice would be appreciated.

I have the same problem. In fact I have this problem for a number of my customers. Support has so far told me that it’s a NAT problem, but I don’t believe that as I can browse fine and when I do an IP lookup, it’s working fine.