Authentication Proxy versions

I’ve been searching for information about compatibility for versions of the Authentication Proxy software.

  • Are all previous versions supported?
  • Is there an expectation of n-2 (or any other rules for upgrading)?
  • Have any of the releases been more urgent than others, or are they all optional?

Can anyone point me to this information please?

Hi there,

For the most secure experience, we always recommend upgrading your software as soon as possible. You can find more information about upgrading the Authentication Proxy here.

You may want to check the Proxy release notes for details on the fixes and features each release includes, and you can upgrade the Proxy by following the steps here.

Hope that helps!

Hi Amy, and thanks for your response.

I understand that ASAP is best, but if I had an installation with v2.4.2 (for example), is that supported? Would it work?

I’m trying to understand when something becomes unsupported.

Many thanks,


Hi Pete,

According to the release notes, the minimum supported version is is v2.4.2 (June 2014), so yes that would work.

Hi again Pete,

Just wanted to add that we don’t provide fixes to older versions of the auth proxy, so the first step to troubleshooting is always to update to the newest version to see if the issue persists. Any fix would then be in a subsequent version.

Thank you to @DuoKristina for this useful info.